New restaurant at the Marina Boat Yard brings a Trini twist

casual, open-air environment, delicious food and excellent service at a reasonable cost fully describes The Boatyard’s new food spot.

On Wednesday, this new Trinidadian eatery will open its doors to St Lucians with a goal of being the perfect liming spot for a celebration of good food and drinks.

Restaurant owner Sheena Tang Nian-Regis and her Trinidadian husband Colin are experts in project management and events, but with no events scheduled due to the pandemic, the couple, who previously owned a café, chose to open a restaurant in St Lucia.

“Thanks to COVID, my husband and I had to make a pivot. In Trinidad we used to do project management and events. We always saw ourselves expanding and we chose St Lucia because we have a little bit of family here as well. We decided to come across but when we did, events are still not happening. We had involvement in the food industry before, in Trinidad we had a café as well and an opportunity came up and we decided why not give it another go. A spot was available from The Marina so we rented it.”

From 10 am to 8 pm, the new restaurant will provide a variety of Trinidadian and Caribbean dishes such as BBQ grill, Trinidadian curry, geera pork, dhal (dhal shots), and more.

“We are going to be doing something in Trinidad they call cutters. You know when you’re drinking you want like a small portion of meat or something with pepper, yes, we love spices so we are going to have a lot of things that are spicy. We want a lime and that sort of style with sharable food, liming food.”

“We hope to put our Trini twist on the restaurant vibe in St Lucia. I think Lucians, just like Trinis, love a lime and we love food so we think that our combinations should melt together really seamlessly. It’s supposed to be very comfortable, very casual and everybody is welcomed. It’s going to make you feel at home on the water.”

The pair is thrilled to be opening their first business on the island, and Sheena says everyone has been quite hospitable.

The spot will be opened tomorrow at the Marina Boat Yard with all COVID-19 protocols in full effect. Savor some great Trinidadian food, enjoy the views and have fun on the water.

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