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Caribbean Music Unleashed: Embrace the Vibrant Tunes of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca & moreĀ 

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R&B-Hip Hop-Soul

Black American music has made immense contributions to the global music landscape enjoying the prevalent music of a people.

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These genres represent some fo the top Latin genres that have made a significant impact on Global music Scene.

The Team

Kevin Crown

Kevin Crown

Experienced sound engineer with a knack for creating the perfect mix.
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DJ Nicco

DJ Nicco

Passionate radio host with extensive experience in engaging and entertaining audiences via music

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DJ Jer

DJ Jer

Skilled music curator with a gift for discovering and showcasing his mixing talents.

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Bishop Owen Z Martin

Bishop Owen Z. Martin

Bishop Owen Z. Martin - Church of God of Prophecy. Providing Gospel music, prayers, and motivation.

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