Bounty Killer ‘Admires’ Ed Sheeran’s ‘Love For Jamaican Culture’

English singer Ed Sheeran continues to come in for high praises among the Dancehall fraternity. After the outpouring of admiration from Ishawna earlier this month, the latest salute has come today from the Warlord Bounty Killer.

The Dancehall veteran shared a 2010 SBTV acoustic recording of Sheeran rapping through the lyrics of a remixed version of his single, You Need Me, I Dont Need YouIn the last quarter of the track, Sheeran broke out in “Rasta man time” and proceeded to drop some slick Dancehall bars about his high-grade and sinsemilla smoking habits.

Bounty, who couldn’t help but applaud Sheeran’s deejaying flow and evident love for the culture, wrote in the caption of the Instagram share: “I admired how much this man loves Jamaican culture salute him🇯🇲.”

Unfortunately for some Dancehall entertainers out there, many folks thought Ed’s brief delivery was far better than what they’ve been hearing on the local scene lately.

“Sound more solid than nuff Yankee/Jamaicans. And mi nah diss nobody!! Awoh,” said one person. Another agreed, “While we deya a sing baaaayyy fuckery and a embarrass we bloodclaat culture!!! Smh.. jah jah!! Reggae music is world music. 🔥🔥🔥.”

There is no denying Ed Sheeran loves Dancehall and it’s clear Dancehall loves him right back. Ishawna, who covered Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You with her remix Equal Rights in 2017, recently connected with the English sensation for the release a new song.

A short time later, Ishawna also announced that she received clearance from Ed and his team to re-release Equal Rights on the official Shape of Youinstrumental.

It’s no big secret Bounty was one of the biggest non-supporters of Ishawna’s controversial and provocative single, Equal Rights. Going as far as warning her not to perform the song at a B.F.F fish fry concert they both headlined in Portland Jamaica some three years ago.

“[Ishawna] cyaah sing tha song deh at this show else mi ago rush har Nuh kitten or Catfish can nuh bloodclaath bother come bcuz that cyaah sing else she cannot be on no more shows with mi either bcuz mi nuh sing fi bowcat or bowfish,” Bounty Killer had boldly posted on social media at the time.

Unfazed, Ishawna responded, “This festive baddd!!! Lol mi Neva know me and killa aguh war dung a Portland next week? bring it on Rodney,” and followed through with performing the song at the event.

While this angered the Dancehall vet, who subsequently canceled another show, Kool Out Sundayz in St. Elizabeth after discovering Ishawna was also booked – he was able to make amends with Ishawna years later in 2019.

Watch Ed Sheeran’s SBTV recording on You Need Me, I Dont Need You.

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