Barbados, volcanic smoke has been sighted coming from the Canary Islands. 

On Thursday morning, the Barbados Meteorological Service reported visible volcanic smoke coming from the La Palma Volcano, which is located off the coast of northwest Africa. 

The volcano has been erupting since September 19. As a result, rivers of lava have been flowing, forcing residents to evacuate. 

Johnathan Alleyne, a meteorologist with Loop News, reports that the volcanic smoke has dispersed across the Caribbean, causing a dust cloud.

“The volcano would have started erupting since last month and we would have been getting the same smoke in variations and last night would have grown into a thick plume,” Alleyne said. 

As this took  place the BMS meteorologist advised residents suffering from respiratory issues or allergies to take the necessary precautions and have inhalers and prescribed medications at hand in case of emergencies.

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