Spragga makes a comeback!!

IN the 1990s, DJ Spragga Benz was one of the most blazing dancehall artistes, with hits, for example, A-1 Lover, Jack It Up, Machine Gun Kelly, Tings A Gwan and She Nuh Ready Yet.

As of late, he has assumed a driver part for his creation house and mark Red Square, pushing more youthful charges. Presently 47 years of age, the disk jockey has reestablished vitality and is get ready to take up the “mike” once more.

“I was never truly gone, yet mi just never inna dat vibe to deliver my sort a’ brand of music,” he told Splash amid a phone meet.

“My sort a’ brand of dancehall music must have substance alongside “danceability” a’ ‘listenability’, a’ the vast majority of the music I was hearing needed di substance I was searching for. It was recently about sex or moving or shooting, a’ there was simply something missing.”

Spragga’s arrival is worked around melodies like A Just We and The Threat.

“I am truly glad for this work and also what I am doing with di adolescents from Red Square. I generally have new music. I simply finished some work with Sting International, so when I am prepared I am certain we set up together 11 or so solid tracks for a collection, however that is not in my quick arrangement,” he said.

A considerable measure of that music is from the Red Square “family” including Amlak Red Square’s collection, Book of Judges, and Xyclone’s From The Basement To The Big League.

In 2008, Spragga Benz endured individual misfortune when his child Carlton “Carlyle” Grant Jr was gunned down.

“My child passing on has been a greater amount of a motivation instead of a negative. Consistently since his passing I have discharged no less than one track committed to Carlyle. Melodies, for example, Shotta Culture was done in his memory so I have pulled the positives from this experience,” he said.

As of late, the issue of dancehall music’s impact on wrongdoing and viciousness has come up. Spragga has his thought on the dialog.

“Lawmakers a look a substitute a’ call attention to di normal suspects keeping in mind the end goal to cover their inadequacies. Is an entire stack a tings impact di wrongdoing a’ viciousness, a’ mi never hear some individual saying, ‘mi jus listen some music and mi a go victimize a man’ is more ‘mi hungry’ or something like dat which cause a man to swing to wrongdoing a’ brutality. Music, particularly reggae a’ dancehall, is a methods for discharge. It gives a voice to these same young people to discharge repressed strains. I never hear it impact anyone to go a’ do idiocy.”

He is calling for expanded social projects to offer would like to youth who may swing to wrongdoing.

“Government discovers cash to spend on different things, however we truly require social projects as these young people have no expectation. Cunning routes must be found to make open doors for them or they will dependably be indicating a finger,” he contemplated.


Source: Jamaica Observer

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