Ishawna responds to cheap dress comment, “I was supporting your mother”

Entertainer Ishawna today hit back at a social media commentators who called her chain-dress ‘cheap’.

In response to a Loop News article entitled, “Who wore it better? Ishawna vs Amber Rose,” aggregated by several social entities, in which Ishawna’s chain dress was compared to the Laura Dewitt chain dress that Amber Rose wore to the red carpet of the MTV VMAs, several commentators called Ishawna’s ensemble the cheaper version of the dress.

With one commentator taking it as far as to say that the entertainer purchased her chain-dress at the arcade.

“Ishawna one obviously buy a arcade,” said one commentator on Twitter.

Ishawna responded to the tweet by saying, “I was trying to support your mother she needed the sale…”

An arcade is an informal shopping mall, there are several in the island.







Source: loopjamaica


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